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Our Denture Blog

Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Dentures

denture repairs

Ever wondered how to ensure your dentures maintain their star-quality performance for years to come? Denture maintenance is not just about keeping them clean but embracing a holistic care routine that goes beyond the ordinary.

In this blog from the team at Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we’ll delve into tried-and-tested denture maintenance tips, making sure your dentures steal the spotlight with a long-lasting, confident smile.


Handle with Care
denturist showing repairs

Imagine your dentures as delicate dance partners. They may be durable, but they’re not immune to the occasional misstep. When you handle them, do it with finesse, preferably over a soft surface or a neatly folded towel. Think of it as a dance floor – smooth, cushioned, and forgiving. Avoid the hard surfaces that could lead to an unexpected tango with cracks or chips. Treat your dentures like the precious treasures they are, guiding them with care through the graceful steps of the denture dance.


Cleaning is Key

Picture this: Your dentures are the VIP guests at a grand banquet, and cleaning is their red carpet moment. Just like natural teeth, dentures demand a thorough cleaning routine to stay in the spotlight. After meals, give them a royal rinse to bid farewell to any lingering food particles. Then, armed with a soft-bristled brush, choreograph a gentle routine using a mild denture cleaner or soap. Think of it as a spa day for your dentures, leaving them looking sharp, feeling fresh, and ready to revel in the next dazzling moment


Soak While You Snooze

Even the most glamorous stars need their beauty sleep, and your dentures are no exception. As you drift into dreamland, let your dentures take a dip in a denture cleaning solution or a bath of water. It’s their chance to relax, maintain their shape, and avoid the dreaded dry-out. Think of it as a spa retreat for your dentures, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready to shine in the spotlight of your radiant smile. After all, a happy denture is a well-hydrated denture.


Say No to DIY Denture Repairs

In a world of DIY wonders, it’s tempting to play handyman with everything – but not with your dentures. Imagine them as VIP guests at a high-stakes event, and DIY denture repairs are like inviting an amateur magician to the party. Glues and at-home kits may promise quick fixes, but they’re more likely to create chaos than harmony. If your dentures need tender loving care (TLC), don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with your friendly neighbourhood denture expert, like those at Ottawa South Denture Clinic. We’re professionals equipped with the magic wand to ensure your dentures shine bright without any DIY mishaps stealing the spotlight. Your dentures will thank you for letting the pros handle the encore!

Regular Checkups

Consider regular checkups with your dentist as your smile’s BFF – always there to support and keep things in check. Dentures may seem like low-maintenance celebrities, but changes in your jawbone structure can throw a curveball over time. Imagine these checkups as the red carpet events for your dentures, ensuring they fit snugly and comfortably, ready to steal the show.

These routine visits are your preemptive strike against potential discomfort and awkward moments in the future. Catching any issues early on means your dentures will continue to deliver award-worthy performances without any unexpected plot twists.

Avoid the Heat

Picture this: your dentures soaking up warmth like a relaxing bath. While that sounds inviting, it’s a script that could lead to hot water hurdles. Hot water and dentures aren’t the best match; it’s like expecting your favourite celebrity to survive a heatwave on the red carpet. Using hot water for cleaning might seem like a luxurious spa day for your dentures, but it can cause warping – a drama you definitely want to avoid.

Stick to the script and opt for lukewarm water. It keeps your dentures in shape, ready to dazzle without any unexpected twists in their performance.

Handle with Clean Hands

Before your dentures take center stage, set the basic rule: clean hands. Think of it as the pre-show ritual that ensures your hands aren’t harbouring any uninvited guests like harmful bacteria. Wash your hands thoroughly, like a performer getting ready for the limelight, to prevent any unwanted transfers to your precious dentures.

This simple yet crucial step ensures that when you handle your dentures, they stay as clean as your hands, ready to shine in the starring role of your confident smile. It’s a backstage rule that guarantees a flawless performance on the dental stage!


Ottawa South Denture Clinic – Bringing Smiles to the Nation’s Capital

Ready to give your dentures the VIP treatment they deserve? Please contact us at Ottawa South Denture Clinic, where excellence meets innovation. Our experts specialize in Implant and Suction dentures, ensuring your smile shines with comfort and stability. Discover our tried-and-tested denture maintenance tips and let us guide you through a journey of optimal oral health and confidence restoration. Have questions or need personalized advice? Get in touch with us today for a complimentary consultation at our office just south of Hunt Club Road in Ottawa. Your perfect smile awaits – are you ready to embrace it?