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Implant Dentures in Ottawa

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Trust Ottawa’s Experts in Implant Dentures

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we specialize in Implant-supported dentures for a full mouth restoration. 1st step is dental implants that set the framework for Implant dentures, forming a solid foundation and are a permanent replacement option for missing teeth. Believe it or not, dental implants boast a 98 percent success rate throughout their long clinical history, proving themselves to be the most effective restorative treatment option.


Unlike conventional dentures, Implant dentures look more natural and are more stable. Read more about the benefits of Implant dentures below. If you’re missing teeth and you’ve wanted to replace them for some time, visit our office to discuss what type of Implant dentures is right for you.

Benefits of Implant Dentures

Dental implants integrate with the bone in your mouth and act as an anchor for the dentures. In fact, they help preserve jawbone long term and provide stimulation that the bone have lacked in the absence of natural teeth, helping to maintain the integrity of your face’s structure. Implant dentures are placed on top of those dental implants which secures them firmly into place, which in turn increases the function.

Other benefits of Implant dentures include:


  • Improved oral health, function, and appearance
  • More comfortable dentures
  • Reduced denture-caused sore spots
  • Reduced bone loss
  • Superior long-term esthetics

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Our #1 priority here at Ottawa South Denture Clinic is your happiness! Which means we stand by our service 100%,
no matter what, no questions asked, no ifs, no ands, no buts.

A Superior Experience

We combine an outstanding patient care, the latest denture technologies and welcoming atmosphere to create the ultimate denture experience for you.

A Better Smile

We will restore your beautiful smile, improve your oral health and help you regain your confidence.


We are leaders in the field of Complete and Partial Dentures. We specialize in state-of-the-art Suction Dentures technique, Implant Dentures, Repairs and Relines.

Happiness Guarantee

We are so confident you would love our services, we provide 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Older woman in a dental chair checking out her new dentures in a mirror.

Types of Implant Dentures

Ottawa South Denture Clinic offers all types of Implant dentures. There are removable and fixed types of Implant dentures available. The recommendation and application is to which is right for you will depend on several factors such as your oral health, budget and personal preferences.

Removable Implant Dentures
Removable Implant dentures rests on your gums and is attached to implants placed in your upper and/or lower jaw.

Bar Retained Implant Dentures
Bar Retained Implant dentures has a titanium bar that acts as the foundation for the denture and is attached to dental implants. These dentures are the easiest way to get functionality of natural teeth with removable denture option.

Fixed Implant Dentures
Fixed Implant dentures, also known as Permanent dentures, Teeth In a Day, or All-on-4 is the procedure that allows us to permanently attach the denture directly to implants placed in your upper or lower jaw. This denture can only be removed by a dental practitioner, and most closely resembles natural teeth.

3D rendering of a dental implant.

What is the Lifespan of Implant Dentures?

Dentures are essentially false teeth. Implant dentures (created and placed by the denturist) are type of dentures that are placed on top of dental implants (done by the dentist).

Dental implants are replacement teeth roots that are surgically implanted into the jawbone. Dental implants have an expected lifetime of over 20 years or more. Implant dentures have an expected lifetime of 7-10 years. With proper care and maintenance we will help you to maximize the life of your dentures.

Dentist and denturist work together in close partnership to make this advanced procedure of replacing teeth possible for our clients. Call us today to discuss if Implant dentures is the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can food get caught under Implant dentures?

With Implant dentures, food is less likely to get caught underneath. If any food does get underneath, less gum irritation will be caused because the dentures don’t put pressure on the gums. Rather, the force from chewing is transferred through the implant posts into the bone structure at the other end of the posts.

How long do Implant dentures last?

As long as the teeth are properly cared for, and the gums and jawbone are kept healthy through proper nutrition and denture use, Implant dentures like any other denture will last up to 10-15 years.

How many implants do dentures need?

It depends on whether the patient is getting Upper or Lower dentures, Partial dentures, a full arch, or Complete dentures installed. Partial dentures may require 1 or 2 implants. A full arch denture will need at least two implants, but possibly three or four. Complete, full mouth dentures will require anywhere from four to eight implants.

If dentures can be permanently fixed, why not just replace all teeth with implants?

Full arch replacement is always an option. Contrary to what many people believe, when full arch is replaced with dental implants, we do not replace each individual tooth with implant, instead, all of the teeth in the arch are attached to 4 or more implants that act as pillars for the rest of the restoration. This provides enough support for the restoration and keeps the costs lower than having to replace each tooth individually with the implants.

Are Implant dentures removable?

They can be. Implant dentures can be supported by dental implants and be fully removable, or they can be permanently attached to the implants. Speak to one of our denturists to find out which option would be best for you.