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At Ottawa South Denture Clinic we offer a wide range of high quality denture and implant options, each customised in our fully equipped on site lab. Our Denturist, Yevgeniy (Eugene) Sorokatyy works directly with you, to provide you with the best customer care and experience in helping you achieve your most natural look. New clients and emergencies always welcome!

We are conveniently located at 2210 Prince of Wales Dr. Suite 701, just South of Hunt Club Rd. with easy access from Nepean, Glebe, Barrhaven, Manotick, Bank Street South, South Keys, Greely, Stittsville and surrounding areas. By bus, routes #80, #96 and #187. Our facility is wheel chair accessible, has plenty of free parking and we are on the main level, in the south building.

We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • No Obligation, FREE Consultations
  • Direct Billing to your Insurance
  • Immediate, Full and Partial dentures
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Same Day Repairs and Relines
  • Recall and Recare
  • Custom teeth whitening
  • Anti-snoring devices
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Mobile house calls and flexible appointment availability

Hours of Operation:

Monday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday & Evenings By appointment

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Denturist Association of Ontario College of Denturists of Ontatio Denturist Assoication of Canada SEMCD Certified Clinician Lower Suction Denture

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Lower Suction Dentures

SUCTION EFFECTIVE MANDIBULAR COMPLETE DENTURES, or SEMCD is a new technique for giving the best, custom fitted denture.

Also known as Lower Suction Dentures or Bio-functional Dentures.

SEMCD Certified Clinician Lower Suction Denture

Suction is attained in the lower denture in 80% of the cases. Even in the remaining 20%, SEMCD is the most stable, retentive denture system. It’s a new technique that can attain suction in both upper and lower dentures.

How does it work? It uses tissues to create a seal all the way around the denture. There is no surgery involved! We will guide you through the impression process, using mouth movements in order to achieve an accurate custom fit.

Suction is not contingent on the amount of bone but relies more on the surrounding tissues. Eight out of ten patients can attain suction on the lower denture. Even if suction is not achieved, Suction Effective Dentures are 100% more stable than the conventional type.

SEMCD can also be used in conjunction with implant retained dentures to give superior fit and function, it will create a food safe seal all the way around the denture preventing food from getting underneath, giving ultimate stability and retention.

Will it work for me? 80% of patients are candidates for our lower suction dentures. An exam will be performed in a free consultation to see if you’re a candidate, but the level of suction will be known after the final impression is taken. Even if you’re not a candidate for lower suction dentures you will have a better fit. Food will not be as likely to get underneath your denture.

Check out our video below to see how well the suction dentures work!



Dental Implant

For the average patient, standard dentures fit comfortably and will provide proper function. They are designed using basic tooth shades, shapes and standard quality materials.

Some denture patients with oral tissues that have resorbed, who have an unusual bite, or may need a personalized denture that utilizes premium materials will benefit from precision dentures. Premium personalized dentures combine comfort, fit, esthetics, and function to create the most natural smile and provide optimum function.

Your Denturist will use specialized techniques to record the tissues of your mouth, the specific jaw movements you make, and all of the anatomical information that might affect the fit and function of your new dentures. This is confirmed during a try-in session. Your Denturist will work with you to try to restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles to give you a natural smile!

Before and After

Immediate, or transitional dentures are often required to restore esthetics and function immediately after teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures may replace one tooth or full arch, depending on the individual case, this allows the patient not to be without teeth.

The procedure involves taking impressions of your natural teeth while they are still present, this allows Denturist to create a denture that is modeled from your natural teeth, as well as make any necessary modification according to patient’s needs or requests. The immediate denture is inserted in the mouth right after extractions are performed by the dentist. The advantage of this technique is that the patient avoids having to live without teeth while healing process takes place.

Since your Denturist is unable to try the denture in your mouth for fit prior to extracting your teeth certain esthetic compromises may be necessary. This usually does not present any significant problems, and the results are normally quite good. But please note: It is very important that you carefully follow the postoperative instructions of your Denturist or Oral Surgeon.

Denture adjustments will be required as healing occurs. As oral tissues will heal and change, we recommend you come in for a follow-up appointment to check on the fit, make necessary adjustments and to make sure that there are no signs of infection present in the mouth following the extractions. A temporary liner, or tissue conditioner may be placed in the denture during the next few months, this is due to the bone resorption, which may cause the denture to become loose. The rate of bone resorption will decrease with time — it is a natural occurrence, and is to be expected. After the healing process is complete, either a new permanent full denture will be fabricated, or your denture will require to be relined or rebased to restore proper fit.

Partial Dentures

They are customized to a patient’s specific requirements. Removable partial dentures are usually made to replace one or more teeth. Removable partial dentures restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improve the ability to chew.

The number of remaining teeth as well as position and stability of the adjacent teeth are some of the factors that determine the style or type of partial denture that will be best suited for you.

The many benefits of partials

Your self-confidence and quality of life can be affected severely when some of your teeth are missing. Often a good solution to missing teeth are partial dentures. They do not harm the remaining natural teeth and may prevent natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the space left by the loss of a tooth. Partial dentures help maintain the position of your natural teeth by providing additional support, improved function and esthetics.

Implant Overdentures

The preferred method for a single tooth replacement or full mouth restoration is dental implants. Dental implants are substitutes for teeth that form a stable foundation for permanent replacement of missing teeth, it can also provide stability and retention for complete and partial dentures.

With a 98% success rate and long clinical history, dental implants have proven themselves as the number one restorative treatment option. For a more stable and natural feel, in comparison to most types of dentures, implant retained dentures would be your answer.

Many patients who have chosen implant-supported dentures report that they are happy and comfortable for the first time. Implants integrate with bone to function as an anchor for your prosthesis and can help to preserve the bone, and provide stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth. This method also helps to maintain your facial structure integrity.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • Improved oral health, function, appearance and self-esteem
  • Increased denture comfort and stability
  • Significant reduction of sore spots caused by dentures
  • Bone loss reduction

With dental implants your mouth is restored to a natural state that allows superior long-term esthetics, enhancing the beauty of your natural smile and quality of your life.

Dental implants are the closest possible replacement for natural teeth and the best way to restore your smile. The cost of implants has become very affordable. Ask us how implant supported dentures can benefit you!

Types of Denture Supported Implants:

Implant-Retained, Gum Supported - With this treatment, the over-denture rests directly on your gums and is attached to implants placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The over-denture, which is removable, is secured to your implants through attachments fixed into the denture.

Bar-Retained, Implant Supported - With this treatment, the over-denture is connected to attachments on a metal bar that is in turn connected to implants surgically placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The over-denture, which is removable, is secured to the bar through attachments fixed into the denture.

Fixed, Implant Supported - With this treatment, the overdenture is secured directly to implants placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The overdenture is only removable by a dentist. This option gives the closest resemblance to natural teeth and gums.

Rebase Reline & Repairs

Dentures do not always need to be replaced if they are broken, worn or ill-fitting. Often, properly performed repairs, rebase or reline may restore the appearance and fit of your existing dentures without you having to spend money on the new appliance.


When the denture teeth have not worn out to the same degree as the denture base material, rebasing is usually done. The process of retrofitting dentures is done by replacing the acrylic denture base with new acrylic. This process provides a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth.


Relining consists of adding new base material to the tissue side of a denture so that it fits properly. An impression will be taken of the inside of your existing denture ensuring that it properly forms to the tissue of your mouth. Relining affects only the fit of your denture. It does not change their appearance. These procedures are required when tissue changes occur due to:

  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of teeth
  • Loss of bone
  • Aging
  • Disease or illness
  • Some medications


In most cases, Denturist will be able to repair an existing broken or cracked denture to its original state. Repairs may also be required when breakage or chipping of the denture teeth occurs, when one or more teeth need to be added to an existing denture (due to tooth extraction) or because of normal wear.
Most repairs can easily be completed in one day.

As proven technology, soft liners have been offered to patients for over twenty years. Over that time, the materials and technology have steadily improved. Permanent soft liners provide comfort and relief for individuals with:

  • Severely receded or flat gums that cannot tolerate the stress of regular dentures
  • Chronic soreness
  • Gums with prominent or sharp, bony areas
Recall & Recare

Updating both medical and dental history is an important step toward quality denture treatment. Your mouth experiences considerable changes over time such as tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone (resorption) on which your dentures rest. As your dentures do not change, but your mouth does, they may no longer fit as they once did. Timely made recall appointment may help you avoid the hassle of dealing with loose, or poorly functioning dentures that may affect your speech and appearance.

Having annual oral exams may also prevent or assist in the detection of oral cancer or other abnormal conditions. We will check for cracks, chips, scratches and worn or loose teeth.

  • Update your dental and medical history
  • Interim oral examination
  • Check the integrity of your denture
  • Check the esthetics, stability and bite
  • Based on your needs, discuss available options
  • Review oral hygiene procedures and denture care
  • Cleaning and polishing of your dentures, if required
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, a simple and effective process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin of your natural teeth. The system includes a peroxide-based gel retained in a custom-fitted appliance; this appliance is worn over your teeth and can be used during the day or while you sleep.

Most common causes of tooth discoloration are aging, staining substances (coffee, tea, colas and tobacco), trauma, tetracycline (antibiotic) staining, excessive fluoride and nerve degeneration. For intrinsic staining such as tetracycline staining or nerve degeneration different treatment may be required. Teeth will always be lighter than they were. Some patients may need periodic re-whitening for one or two nights, every four to six months.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards should be the number one priority when it comes to sports equipment. They not only protect the teeth, but the lips, cheeks and tongue. We can provide you with a custom fitted, comfortable mouth guard that will protect your teeth, and will not hinder your athletic abilities.

When to wear a mouth guard:

Wear a mouth guard whenever you are involved in an activity with the risk of falls or contact with other players or equipment. We generally consider football and hockey as the most dangerous sports for teeth, but nearly half of sports-related mouth injuries occur in basketball, soccer, baseball, martial arts, skiing, snowboarding and many other sports.

Teeth Whitening

Also known as Mandibular Advancement Devises or MADs, anti-snoring appliances are custom made appliances that may help those patients suffering from sleep apnea. By advancing your lower jaw forward MADs increase air flow through air ways during sleep, providing patients with more restful quality sleep with comfort and absence of side effects.

Full Service Onsite Lab

Our onsite lab is directly and intimately involved in manufacturing or repairing your dentures, we take great pride in delivering the highest quality workmanship with the shortest wait time and least inconvenience possible.

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we believe that all of our clients deserve our best efforts and nothing less – because life is just that much better and brighter with a confident smile!

About Us

Yevgeniy (Eugene) Sorokatyy Yevgeniy (Eugene) Sorokatyy

Yevgeniy (Eugene) Sorokatyy

Ottawa South Denture clinic is locally owned and operated by Ottawa’s professional Denturist, Yevgeniy (Eugene) Sorokatyy.

Yevgeniy graduated from the George Brown College School of Denturism with the distinction of making the Dean's honor list 3 years in a row and the recipient of the Academic Merit Award. He is an active member of both the College of Denturist of Ontario and the Denturist Association of Ontario.

Upon graduation, Yevgeniy moved back to Ottawa and immediately began practising at a local Dental Clinic as the sole Denturist. His almost ten years of experience there gave him the knowledge and inspiration to open his own clinic, Ottawa South Denture Clinic, located in Canada's capital city!

Yevgeniy is highly motivated and dedicated to his continuous education, he routinely attends courses and seminars to upgrade his skills. He strives to provide his clients with the best care, that involves the latest techniques and materials. With an eye for detail, he is committed to personal attention and client satisfaction His greatest compliment is the big smile on our clients face when they leave our clinic with their new dentures. In December of 2017 Yevgeniy traveled to British Columbia to become first Denturist in Ottawa who is certified SEMCD (lower Suction Dentures) Clinician.

Yevgeniy is a proud Dad to his son Jordon and Boston Terrier Sammy. He is a sport enthusiast with a passion for kiteboarding, wake boarding, tennis, judo and in the winter months, snow boarding. Yevgeniy and his wife are expecting their second child together, a baby girl Spring 2018!

Fawn Fawn, Office Manager

Fawn, Office Manager

Fawn is the friendly voice you hear when calling the office and the first welcoming smile you'll see when you come in for your appointments. Her role involves a bit of everything from scheduling, explaining treatments, benefits processing, helping you make financial arrangements and making sure that all our clients are cared for. Her incredible organization skills keep daily tasks on schedule and the clinic running smoothly. She will do her best to answer all your questions, as well as helping you submit your insurance claims, if needed.

During her free time Fawn enjoys spending time with her husband Yevgeniy, son Jordon and her furbaby Sam. She loves travelling, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, music festivals, long family walks to the dog parks and trying new restaurants in Ottawa. Fawn and Yevgeniy are expecting their second child, a daughter in Spring of 2018.

Jordon Jordon, Denture Assistant

Jordon, Denture Assistant

Jordon is the youngest member of our team. He likes to assist our Denturist in any way he can, mainly by looking cute and sitting in the dental chair for photo ops. Jordon enjoys eating everything, music class, biking in his push tricycle, reading, toy trucks and swimming.

Aiham, Lab Technician

Aiham, our onsite Lab Technician, he has over 9 years experience in the field, he studied Dental Technology in Europe and owned and operated his own lab in Damascus . His craftmanship and eye for detail shows in his work. He is a proud father to four beautiful children.

Ottawa South Denture Clinic is a family business proud to be serving the Ottawa and surrounding community. We take pride in providing quality service to all our clients, ensuring everyone is looked after with the utmost care. Your smile is your signature, where here to help you show it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Denturist, Yevgeniy (Eugene) Sorokatyy answers your questions.

A Denturist is a specialist in the fabrication and fitting of dentures. Denturists provide the most cost- and time-effective service, laboratory work is done in-house on the premises and client care is done chairside in the clinic. Our expertise, meticulousness and professionalism make us the best possible choice to help you maximum the benefit from dental prosthetics technology.

The average life of a denture is typically between 5 and 10 years. Like natural teeth, dentures will wear and stain over time and although your teeth are gone, your mouth and gums will continue to change shape for the rest of your life. Due to this, your denture fit and function can be affected and will require a reline, rebase or need to be remade at some point. An annual recare appointment with us will help maximize the life of your dentures and avoid potential problems.

Yes, in most cases we do same day repairs and relines to most any type of damage to the dentures or advise you on what steps to take. Our onsite lab gives us the ability to make alterations, adjustments or repairs to your dentures in a timely matter, while you wait.

Yes, we offer direct billing to most insurance companies and we are happy to serve clients who are part of Veterans Affairs, NIHB, ODSP, Ontario Works and Essential Health. We send an electronic pre-determination to your insurance provider before we start on any work to ensure that you know how much will be covered.

Many of our clients are on fixed incomes, to help these individuals we create a payment plan that will be acceptable to both of us, with 0% financing options. Our estimates include all fees associated with your treatment, with no hidden costs.

Clean the dentures thoroughly at night by using cold water, liquid soap and a firm denture brush. Hot water may be harmful and NEVER use toothpaste as it is abrasive and will cause scratching of the denture materials. Be sure to use a separate toothbrush and regular toothpaste to clean any natural teeth, tongue and gum surfaces. Overnight, take your dentures out and immerse them in a denture bath filled with water or denture cleaner.

Denturists are implant specialists, for teeth replacement the preferred method is denture supported implants. Surgical screws are implanted directly into the bone similar to how real teeth work. This provides the base for the dentures to connect with, which provides security and comfort when chewing or talking. The titanium in implants help stimulate bone growth, great news for denture wearers! The cost of these implants has become very affordable, consult our office to discover how dental implants will improve the quality of your life!

Your First Appointment:

Book your Denture appointment

At your first appointment, you will be greeted by our lovely front desk staff, you will then need to fill out an office form. If you are a new patient, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete the paperwork.

Meet Your Denturist

After the paperwork is complete, you will see our denturist. He will go over the medical history, your current oral conditions, needs and concerns. During your oral examination, we cover the following:

  • Examine your gums as well as any teeth remaining.
  • Check the bite and fit of your dentures to determine if they are still functioning as they should.
  • Inspect your denture for any cracks, chips and stains.
  • Complimentary denture cleaning with every consultation.

According to the intra-oral findings and condition of your current dentures (if you have any) we will present treatment options that are available and are best for treating your specific condition.

Answering Your Questions

Usually our clients have an array of questions and we will definitely answer all of them, we believe that every person needs to be informed in detail about their oral conditions and how to get the best treatment possible. We allot plenty of time with each client, to ensure you receive the best service.

Yevgeniy & Jordon


"Having Denturist, Yevgeniy Sorokatyy make my partial denture gave me the opportunity for having direct communication with him during its design. He is compassionate and caring and goes out of his way to explain things. Yevgeniy is professional and very knowledgeable of his craft. A few days after receiving my denture, his office called to see how I was doing. I am very pleased with the results and I am most happy to recommend Yevgeniy to anyone who needs a Denturist." - C.P.

"Great people, great service, great product :) I love my new teeth!!" - C.N.

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the really good job and fine service you provided in making and fitting my new dentures. I have worn dentures for the last sixty years; and, I have to say that, the ones you made for me are the best dentures I have ever had. There has been no problem with my new dentures and I now can eat and chew some things that always caused me problems in the past. You are always very friendly and polite and treated me very well. I really appreciate the help you provided to me and I can assure you that I will tell my friends that they should use your services as they will be very happy. Thank you again for your fine service. A very satisfied customer." - W.E.A

"I brought my mother-in-law to Ottawa South Denture Clinic for a consultation. She was hopeless to ever feel like having natural teeth again. After the first consultation with Yevgeniy, she gained some confidence that he can help. After getting her dentures she gained full confidence that there is someone who can do a bit of magic. This guy is very attentive, detail oriented and he does have a golden touch! Very happy with everything!" - A.S

"This clinic changed my life. I can not recommend them highly enough!!!" - J.M.

"Great place to get mouth guards for the kids. Reach out to them for your kids, team, or if anyone is looking for custom mouth guards. Lets say they have saved a few broken teeth from this guy." - Q.K.

"I can not speak highly enough of Yevgeniy and his staff. His professionalism and attention to detail are fantastic. He took me through the procedure I would need, showed me the options available to me and the cost of each option. We decided to go with the ultra suction type of denture. I could not be happier. They are a great system and he is a phenomenal denturist. Go to this clinic, for worry free, hassle free service. You will be very happy you did!" - W.G.

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