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Ottawa South Denture Clinic Provides Dental Implants

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we prefer to perform dental implant procedures for partial or full mouth restorations. Dental implants form a solid foundation and are a permanent replacement option for missing teeth. Additionally, they can set the framework for partial and complete dentures. Believe it or not, dental implants boast a 98 percent success rate throughout their long clinical history, proving themselves to be the most effective restorative treatment option. Unlike dentures, dental implants look more natural and are more stable. If you’re missing teeth and you’ve wanted to replace them for some time, come to our offices for dental implants. Ottawa residents have long reaped the benefits of dental implants.

implant dentures

Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants in Ottawa

Dental implants integrate with the bone in your mouth and act as an anchor for the prosthesis. In fact, they help preserve those bones long term and provide stimulation that the bones have lacked in the absence of natural teeth, helping to maintain the integrity of your face’s structure. Other benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improved oral health, function, and appearance
  • More comfortable dentures
  • Reduced denture-caused sore spots
  • Reduced bone loss
  • Superior long-term esthetics

We Offer Several Types of Dental Implants

There are several types of dental implants, including:

Implant Retained and Gum Supported

The overdenture rests on your gums and is then attached to implants placed in your upper and/or lower jaw.

Bar Retained, Implant Supported

A metal bar acts as the foundation of these dental implants. The denture connects to implants surgically inserted in your jaw.

Fixed, Implant Supported

In this procedure, we place the overdenture directly on implants secured to your upper or lower jaw. This overdenture can only be removed by a dentist, but most closely resembles natural teeth.

Contact Us Today to Schedule An Appointment

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we believe in building our relationship with our Ottawa patients one dental implant at a time. Dental implants are a fantastic way to ensure the success of your dentures. To learn more about the process, give us a call today.

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