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4 Advantages Of Digital Dentures & How It Lets Us Serve You Better

denturist at work

Space-age technologies of the future are available today! Ottawa South Denture Clinic is excited to introduce Digital dentures and be one of the first clinics in Ottawa to offer this new technology to our patients.

Our clinic has integrated digital denture technology to bring endless benefits to our patients at the same competitive price. From faster turn-around time to more precise fit, 3-D printed and milled dentures are the best options in today’s market. Dentures have granted those who suffer from tooth loss a solution that helps them regain their smile and confidence. Thanks to advances in technology, digital dentures are becoming a more popular option for people looking for a denture solution.

Digital denture technology uses revolutionary, high-quality materials and advanced dental software to design and construct the dental appliance.

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we have to serve our patients and clients better.

What are the advantages of Digital dentures compared to traditional dentures?

The 4 Advantages of Digital Dentures

There are many different variables between the traditional style of dentures and updated digital dentures. In comparison to traditional dentures, digital dentures come with the following 4 advantages:


Digital dentures are fabricated using long-lasting acrylic material that can withstand more pressure and daily wear-and-tear. This material is much stronger than what is used for traditional dentures, which is why digital dentures have a longer lifespan.

There is also no bonding used for digital dentures since they are created from a single acrylic unit.


The digital denture technology used by denturists is much faster than the methods used to create traditional dentures. 3D x-ray image of a patients teeth

The process of fabricating digital dentures can be completed in as little as one to two weeks. This is a significantly faster turn-around time in comparison to traditional dentures that can take up to a month to be completed.

The entire digital denture process requires fewer visits to the denturist and far fewer adjustments. Due to the precision of the digital denture technology, the final product already has a precise fit. Patients can focus on more important matters instead of having to be concerned about the next time they have to get their dentures adjusted.

Precise Fit

Digital dentures are designed and fabricated using CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) technology.

a female smiling after hearing the advantages of digital dentures

Traditional dentures are made by taking a mold of the gums and teeth, which are then made into stone models and wax rims. Once the bite is recorded, new models are made and the dentures are shaped into the final product. Multiple adjustments are required to make sure the fit is comfortable.

Digital denture technology uses scanning and imaging techniques that allow denturists to create an appliance with a more precise fit. The design process accounts for dozens of micro-calculations that remove any estimations that might typically be done for traditional dentures.

Try-in appliances are also used to make sure the denture fits perfectly in a patient’s mouth. New changes are then merged with the original scan to create the final product, rather than putting the patient through multiple adjustments.

Quick & Easy Replacements

Since a digital file is created when digital dentures are fabricated, they can be easily replaced in a short amount of time.

Traditionally, if a patient loses or damages their dentures, they would have to go through the process of getting impressions re-done;  this would end up taking the same amount of time as it would for a new pair to be done.

With a digital file already in existence, it won’t take long for the denturist to recreate the digital dentures in half the time it would take for a traditional denture to be made.

Ottawa’s Digital Denture Experts

Our denture clinic in Ottawa uses state-of-the-art technology to provide durable, high-quality dentures.

We are committed to being able to serve you better and to making your day-to-day life easier with digital dentures.

If you’re considering getting digital dentures and have questions about the process, contact us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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