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Visit Our Clinic for Quality Immediate Dentures in Ottawa

The process of making custom-fitting dentures requires discipline and attention to detail. We use personalized techniques that measure and record your mouth tissue, jaw movements, and all relevant anatomical information to reach an informed conclusion about what kind of dentures are right for you. Finally, we confirm our measurements during a try-on session. As a result, you’ll experience enhanced lip contour and a natural smile. Ottawa South Denture Clinic is a trusted source for standard, precision, and immediate dentures in Ottawa.

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Standard Dentures Get the Job Done for Most of Our Patients

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we have found that standard dentures fit comfortably and provide ample functionality to most of our patients. Designed with conventional, but quality materials and made to resemble natural tooth hues and shapes, standard dentures are an excellent option for a vast majority of our patients.

Ottawa South Denture Clinic Offers Custom Precision Dentures

Some of our patients have oral tissue that has resorbed beyond the point where standard dentures are practical. These patients, as well as patients with unusual bites, usually need precision dentures, which use stronger, premium materials that fit better, are esthetically-pleasing, and offer increased functionality to compensate for resorption and bite issues.

Visit Our Office for Immediate Dentures in Ottawa

Immediate dentures are necessary for patients who have had teeth removed. They restore esthetics, and more importantly, functionality to patients who would experience a loss of self-esteem and freedom to eat what they wish without immediate dentures. We can replace one tooth or a full arch. We take impressions of your natural teeth while they are still in your mouth and use them as a blueprint for the dentures, making modifications as we need to. It is vitally important to follow our instructions to ensure proper healing after the operation.

Dentures are an Evolving Process in Need of Refinement

Regardless of whether you have standard, precision, or immediate dentures, we’ll need to make adjustments as the healing process continues. The tissues in your mouth will change as they heal, which is why we recommend you visit us for follow-up appointments to ensure the dentures still fit and to make any necessary adjustments. Ottawa South Denture Clinic is proud to offer quality standard, precision, and immediate dentures to Ottawa residents looking to restore their smile and eating habits. Contact us today to get started.

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