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Our Denture Blog

Suction Dentures: Everything You Need To Know

denturist holding pair of dentures

In this edition of the Ottawa South Denture Clinic blog, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about suction dentures.

Dentures have been around for decades, but as new technologies are developed, they’ve changed quite a lot.

While every denture option acts as an artificial replacement for your natural teeth and gums, they’re not all applied the same way, or made with the same material.

And if there’s one thing that people don’t love about getting dentures, it’s surgery. Although surgical procedures are common in the world of dentures, they can make people hesitant and wary of getting temporary or permanent tooth replacements.

If you need dentures and want to avoid surgery at all costs, Suction dentures could be a great option for you. Suction dentures allow you to enjoy all the benefits dentures have to offer – without surgery.

Wondering if they’re the right fit for you? Let’s have a closer look into everything you need to know about Suction dentures.

What Are Suction Dentures?

man smiling with visible suction denturesAs the name suggests, this type of denture relies on suction to stay in place, foregoing the need for adhesive or implants.

An effective denture, no matter the type, needs to be able to support your mouth’s daily functions. This includes speaking, chewing, smiling, and laughing.

From an initial glance, they look like every type of denture, but unlike other dentures, they use a vacuum-like force to keep the dentures in place. Even though no implant or adhesives are used, they still provide a secure and comfortable fit which allows you to chew and speak in a way that feels natural.

Suction dentures were initially developed using Japanese technology, designed and developed by Dr. Jiro Abe, founder of the Japan Denture Association.

How Do They Work?

The first thing a denturist will do is make an incredibly detailed impression of your gums, bite, and teeth.

To create a strong seal with firm suction that will be able to hold the appliance in place, the denture will need to fit perfectly with the natural shape of your jaw.

A small retractor seals a one-way valve under bite pressure, creating a vacuum between the gums and dentures. A bite pressure triggered by the patients’ gums generates a sucking vacuum between the gums tissue lining and the denture.

Benefits of Suction Dentures

Just because Suction dentures stray away from how traditional dentures are made, doesn’t mean you can’t still eat, smile, and enjoy life as usual.

elderly lady smiling

In addition to all the benefits of conventional dentures, Suction dentures candidates can look forward to the following advantages:

  • A more natural feel
  • No need for adhesives
  • Eliminating potential discomfort
  • A reduced need for implants
  • No lifting or floating

Although the suction device can be used for both the upper and lower dentures, not everyone is a suitable candidate. The patients need to have the right gum profile for the appliance to fit harmoniously. During your complimentary consultation, a denturist can determine what type of dentures are the right option for you.

Suction Dentures in Ottawa

Searching for a tooth replacement option but feel uneasy at the thought of surgery?

Suction dentures provide the comfort you desire and best fit possible without the need for surgery.

Our denturists at Ottawa South Denture Clinic combine their expertise with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best possible results for your specific needs.

Reach out to us to book a free, no-obligation consultation and to learn more about your denture options with one of our denturists.