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Our Denture Blog

What to Expect When You Get Your First Dentures

Young girl in a purple sweater sitting next to her grandmother who is pointing at something outside.

A milestone in life’s progression – albeit one that’s usually not celebrated – is getting dentures for the first time.

Dentures represent a major change in a rather personal aspect of life, one which affects our day to day in regard to breathing, swallowing, eating and more.

As humans, we’re generally wired to fear change, or at least to approach change with a naturally healthy suspicion and modicum of disdain.

That’s why many people experience great concern or even anxiety when facing the prospect of getting dentures in the near future. At our practice at the Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we’ve seen this time and again, patients coming to us with trepidation about this step they are about to take not only in their dental health but in their lives as a whole.

But there’s good news!

We’ve helped many Ottawa denture patients through the natural fear and anxiety of getting dentures. Through talking together about their concerns and our recommendations for strategies and tips to help with getting dentures for the first time, we’ve seen our denture patients get accustomed to wearing dentures, making a steady return to their normal lifestyles.

Read on to find out how you, too, can get your first dentures with comfort and ease in the long run.

When You First Have Your Dentures Fitted

It’s true. Getting fitted for dentures the first time can be quite the transition.

Patients come in with varying amounts of nervousness & stress about dentures, wondering to what degree this change will affect their daily lives, and thinking (sometimes over-thinking) what kind of issues or impact the dentures could produce.

We find that it helps to know what you’ve got ahead of you, to set realistic expectations, and to create familiar terrain ahead. That way you’re much likelier to be more comfortable and at ease with the process of getting dentures in Ottawa.

The First Appointment(s) at Ottawa South Denture Clinic

mature couple having meal togetherWhen you first come see us at the Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we’ll get to know you a bit, talk abut your oral history and medical history, and look at how dentures can be a viable solution for your long-term dental health.

Usually it’s at this appointment that we will take impressions of your mouth – that’s where we start the process of creating permanent dentures.

We’ll see you again for appointments to record your bite (a relation of upper and lower jaws), to try the dentures in to verify esthetics and phonetics, and finally for a final delivery of your new dentures. And for certain we’d like to see you for a follow-up visit, to make sure the dentures are fitting properly and working well for you.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about dentures – either at the first appointment, at follow-up visits, or at anytime should you have concerns about your dentures.

If you’re reading this before your Ottawa South Denture Clinic appointment, we recommend taking a little time and reading more about people who are living with dentures.

You’ll find that the vast majority have no regrets about getting dentures, knowing it’s a necessary step for their oral health, and that they have found ways of coping and living better with dentures.

Time to Get Accustomed to Your First Dentures

We can’t lie. Wearing dentures isn’t at all like wearing a new hat or a new pair of shoes.

It will take time for you to grow accustomed to wearing dentures.

This point cannot be emphasized enough.

While it’s true that some people take less time to get used to wearing dentures than do other people, please remember that it’s not a race or a competition. Your transition to dentures will happen on its own timeline, rest assured.

Common Issues in the Initial Denture Adjustment Period

man playing with grandsonIt’s not uncommon to experience one or more adjustment issues when wearing your dentures at first.

After all, this is a major appliance that’s now in your mouth.

You can imagine that dentures could have an effect on basic oral functions.

What about speaking?

And eating? What will eating with dentures be like??

Let’s talk about what you can expect when wearing dentures – and how to make it better.

The Feeling of Wearing Dentures for the First Time

older couple snorkelingMany denture wearers talk about the sensation of having a “full mouth” when they first wear dentures. It’s a foreign object, after all. If you’ve ever had fillings or braces, or you’ve worn a mouth guard, you’ll begin to have an idea what this could be like.

Will dentures hurt? You may experience “soreness” for a short while after putting on your dentures. This typically doesn’t last long. If the feeling of soreness doesn’t go away, let us know, as your dentures could need adjustment.

You might find that you’re producing more saliva than before. That’s a normal reaction, one that will sooner or later subside as you get used to the dentures.

Speaking with Dentures

senior couple dancing on the beach

You may have seen or heard denture wearers speaking and thought, “that seems a little off.”

Chances are, they were in the early stages of wearing dentures.

It has less to do with the denture itself and more about the speaker trying to get accustomed to wearing dentures.

Some denture wearers report hearing a ‘clicking’ noise as they speak. Usually this is avoided or eliminated by speaking more slowly.

You might also hear your voice magnified, as the dentures transmit sound through your jaw to your ears in a more noticeable way – but it’s more noticeable to you, really, not so much to other people around you.

A few tips for speaking confidently with dentures:

  • Before speaking, bite down and swallow to get the denture(s) into a better position
  • Practice speaking at home (read out loud, recite words, songs, etc.)

Practice makes perfect and In time, you’ll find that you’ve grown accustomed to dentures and are speaking more clearly.

Eating with Dentures

woman with dentures chops vegetables for mealWhat’s it like to eat with dentures?

We get asked that question so often, we wrote a separate article discussing that. Give it a read here.

Long story short, it will take some adjusting.

  • You might find that you have a diminished appetite when wearing dentures at first
  • Start by eating soft foods while getting used to your dentures
  • Chew small pieces, chew slowly, and know that it will take some time at first
  • Avoid sticky foods and hard foods in the early going

Eventually, you’ll find what works for you, and your eating habits will begin to return to a sense of normalcy.

Ottawa South Denture Clinic:

Here to Help

We want all our patients to feel comfortable with wearing dentures.

If you’re in the decision process and wondering whether dentures are for you, there’s a lot to consider.

Just know that millions of people have worn dentures and gotten accustomed to it in good time. Also it’s assuring that modern denture technology has improved greatly. Denture wearers today have reported a far higher degree of satisfaction with their dentures than those of previous generations.

Should you have any questions or concerns about dentures in Ottawa and what it will be like to wear dentures at first, please don’t hesitate to ask.