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Our Denture Blog

Lower Suction Dentures: Better Fit, Better Feel

New set of lower dentures sitting on a black canvas.

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we are proud to be a Lower Suction Denture (SEMCD) certified clinic and to offer or clients High Performance Dentures!

What is the main purpose of any prosthesis?

The short answer is: Function!

In today’s world, high-performance prosthetics are everywhere – from prosthetic legs that allow track and field athletes to run a 100m dash in under 10 seconds to almost futuristic bionic arms that are connected directly to person’s nerve endings and allow them to move every finger on the prosthesis as if it was their own hand.

The main purpose of all of these medical devices is to allow their users to have proper function.

The same goes for dental prosthetics.

Dentures are a Prosthetic Device for Oral Health & Function

Many people who wear Conventional Full Dentures know that the biggest challenge they have to deal with on a daily basis is loose lower dentures.

When dentures are loose, they don’t just move around in the mouth; their overall function is also greatly limited.

Loose dentures not only affect the ability to eat and to speak properly, they also cause food accumulation under the denture, sore spots, cheek and tongue biting.

When Dentures Don’t Fit: The Effects on Function and Feeling Good

mature woman holding denturesPoorly fitted dentures also affect person’s confidence & self esteem, sometimes leading to isolation, lack of intimacy and depression.

If the main purpose of dentures is to restore function as close to the natural teeth as possible, why do so many denture wearers have to compromise on the things they eat and do due to ill fitting dentures?

Many try to use messy denture adhesives that rarely work on the lower dentures. Some opt out for dental implants. With Dental implants becoming more mainstream, more people are choosing them to restore their missing teeth and secure their loose dentures.

Yet for the majority of denture wearers, things like cost, risk factors and medical conditions can become an obstacle in securing their dentures with dental implants.

Is there a way to stabilize Complete Lower Dentures for the clients who cannot get dental implants for one reason or the other?

The answer is yes!

Lower Suction Dentures to the Rescue!

mature man with dentures can eat an appleThere is now a cost-effective and highly functional alternative, thanks to the SEMCD technique also known as Lower Suction Dentures.

Lower Suction Dentures were developed in the late 1990s by Japanese Dentist Jiro Abe, who was wondering why some people could have suction on their lower dentures and some couldn’t.

After years of research and testing, Dr. Abe came up with a system that incorporated specialised techniques and impression materials with a BPS denture system that allowed practitioners to achieve suction on the lower denture.

Will Lower Suction Dentures Work for Me?

The first question that many people will have is: Will it work for me?

Lower Suction Dentures boast a success rate of over 80%. Meaning that 8 out of 10 patients will have a Complete Lower Denture that has suction!

Why is it important to have suction on the Lower Denture?

If the denture has suction, it will not move around patient’s mouth. If it doesn’t move, then it will not hurt all the time and be a more comfortable & functional denture.

A stable and secure denture also means increased bite force. This allows denture wearers to actually chew their food instead of mushing it and swallowing it whole. As a result, it decreases possibility of digestive system problems.

The Benefits of Lower Suction Dentures

dentist showing lower suction dentures to a patientA common question that we get asked is “what are the benefits of lower suction dentures?”. Suction dentures allow you to smile, laugh, and eat confidently, but they also offer many other benefits as well. Some of the benefits of lower suction dentures compared to other denture alternatives include:

  • Enhanced chewing ability
  • A natural feel
  • No need for implants
  • No adhesives required
  • Less pressure and sore spots
  • Customizable fit, size, and feel

We welcome you to book a consultation to determine whether you’re a candidate for lower suction dentures. Our team of dental experts can review your oral history and develop a denture solution that fits your needs.

No Gums? No Problem!

Suction mechanism for Lower Denture is created by surrounding soft tissues that create air tight seal throughout denture borders.

Thus unlike conventional dentures, success for Lower Suction Dentures doesn’t rely on the amount of gums that the client has left. An air tight seal also means that food particles will not be able to get under the denture and irritate the gums.

With such high-performance dental appliances our clients will have new found confidence in their beautiful smile. In addition, they will also be able to enjoy foods that they had been avoiding for a long time.

No more worrying about your dentures when talking, avoiding social situations, and no more compromises with your dentures!

Contact Ottawa South Denture Clinic today for more info and to book an appointment for Lower Suction Dentures.