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Ottawa South Denture Clinic Offers Same Day Repairs and Relines in Ottawa

There are numerous advantages to dentures, from increased self-confidence to enhanced functionality, but one other benefit is that they don’t always need to be replaced if they are broken, worn, or no longer fit as they used to. Dentures can be repaired and touched up when they need to be, allowing patients to continue wearing their dentures without the cost of a complete replacement. At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we have a wide array of options available to use, including rebasing, relining, and repairing. Additionally, when the contours of your mouth have changed, we offer soft liners to Ottawa patients who no longer able to wear their dentures comfortably. Most repairs and relines can be done while you wait at our office.

Upper dentures with missing front teeth beside a display of denture teeth and Dr. Yevgeniy's business card.

You Might Not Need to Replace Your Dentures

We offer four options for patients experiencing difficulties with their dentures. While a complete replacement is necessary from time to time, we are often able to perform the repairs needed without the cost of replacement:


When we rebase your dentures, we retrofit them by replacing the acrylic denture base with new acrylic, which acts as a stabilizing force when the dentures are in your mouth.


With a reline, we add new base material to the tissue side of a denture, so it fits properly. We take an impression of the inside of your denture and ensure it properly conforms to the tissue on the inside of your mouth. While it doesn’t impact the appearance of the dentures, it does improve the fit.

Soft Liners

Soft liners provide comfort to patients with flat gums that no longer tolerate dentures, suffer from chronic soreness, and who have prominent bony areas that make wearing dentures deeply uncomfortable.


In most cases, our denturist is capable of repairing a broken or cracked denture. Repairs might be needed for a variety of reasons, from chipping to new teeth. Normal wear and tear also plays a role in the deterioration of your dentures. Most repairs are done in a day.

Contact Us Today

In addition to denture repairs, relines, rebases, and soft fillers, we also offer teeth whitening and anti-snoring appliances. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our denturist.

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