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Our Denture Blog

3 Great Benefits of Same-Day Dentures

older man smiling with new dentures

Throughout our lives, we rely heavily on our teeth to talk, chew, and perform basic mouth functions.

One of the main reasons people shy away from getting dentures is because they’ve heard they may need to live without teeth for several weeks or months. While getting Permanent dentures does take a little while, you won’t be left without teeth.

Immediate dentures act as temporary tooth replacements that are used while waiting for a more lasting prosthetic. Tooth loss, whether due to poor oral health, gum disease, or mouth trauma, can affect people of all ages.

With the help of Same-day dentures, you’ll be able to continue smiling, talking, and chewing easily and without being self-conscious of your missing teeth.

What are Same-Day Dentures?

As the name entails, Same-day (Immediate) dentures are dentures that are placed in your mouth the day your denturist extracts your teeth.

Although Immediate dentures are quite similar to their traditional counterparts, they do not function or feel like Permanent dentures.

While the process of getting your teeth extracted and having a new set of Temporary dentures put in the same day may be intimidating, you can rest assured that it’s a quick and simple procedure. Not only will you be able to return to performing routine activities, but you can do so with a beautiful, white smile.

1. Go Home With a Full Set of Teeth

The main purpose of Same-day  dentures is that you don’t have to go months without teeth.

Whether you have a job that requires you to smile and interact with customers or you simply want to enjoy all the foods you love, having no teeth can make these activities quite the challenge.

Before getting your teeth pulled, consult your denturist about getting an Immediate denture so that you can receive them on the day of your extraction.

2. Protect Your Gums

One of the main reasons patients have to wait months to receive their Permanent dentures is because their gums must fully heal to better fit into the appliance.

When teeth are extracted, an empty cavity is left behind. Before any type of prosthetic can be fitted, the gums and surrounding tissue need to heal and close the holes that have been created.

Immediate dentures act as a sort of bandage that helps minimize gum bleeding and discomfort. Any bacteria or food particles are shielded against, protecting the gums from infection and disease.

3. Easy to Clean and Remove at Night

While Same-day (Immediate) dentures are a temporary solution that is designed to only be worn for 6-8 months, they are quite easy to maintain in the meantime.

When removing and cleaning your Immediate dentures, follow these simple steps.dentures in water

1. Place a ¼ cup of warm water into your mouth with your lips tightly closed.
2. Begin to swish the water around your mouth to force it under your dentures.
3. Carefully remove your loose dentures, then rinse and scrub them under cold water with your denture brush.
4. Air dry your dentures and place them in the denture container

During the first few days following your Immediate denture procedure, your cleaning procedure may be slightly different. For more accurate information, your denturist will walk you through the details during your denture consultation.

Don’t Miss a Day Without a Beautiful, Complete Smile

Whether you only need your upper teeth removed or full set extracted, Immediate dentures come in both partial and complete forms to suit your needs.

This same-day procedure can give you a semblance of normalcy immediately after your surgery instead of having to wait for months for a prosthetic without teeth. Our clinic is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that, combined with our denturist’s expertise, allows us to provide our patients with the best care possible.

Get in touch with us to learn more about same-day dentures and book your complimentary consultation today.