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Our Denture Blog

Broken Dentures: Getting Denture Repairs in Ottawa

senior man smiling with bright smile

Over extended periods of time, objects are liable to breaking, and dentures are no expectation.

Many people rely on their dentures to perform daily activities such as eating and talking, which can be difficult to achieve with a broken appliance.

When dentures sustain fractures or breaks, it’s vital that they get fixed by a professional as soon as possible to ensure that the damage does not worsen. Not only are damaged dentures uncomfortable to wear, but they can cause oral health problems and speech difficulties.

As soon as any problems arise or you feel as though your dentures don’t fit right, consult your denturist to get them professionally repaired.

Repair Instead of Replace

Dentures are an investment that is worth protecting, and while it may be inevitable for them to get damaged, replacement isn’t the only option.

Repairs may be needed for a variety of reasons, from adding new teeth to the appliance to fixing chips and breaks.

man smiling at denture clinic with denturist

The decision on whether to replace or repair will depend on several factors such as how bad the damage is, how old the dentures are, and whether the cost to fix them is greater than the cost of a new set.

Denturists are able to repair damaged dentures by replacing the acrylic base with a new one to improve stability. The tissue part is also relined to enhance the fit of the appliance.

An impression may be taken of the inside portion of the denture to ensure it properly matches with the inside of your mouth.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

One of the many benefits of dentures is that they don’t necessarily need to be replaced if they become damaged or broken.

There’s a wide array of repairs that can be done, including relining and rebasing. If the damage is not too severe, you can have your dentures repaired the same day you bring them in.

Issues such as pinching or rubbing can be fixed in a couple of hours whereas chips or big cracks in the appliance can take 1-2 days.

Importance of Professional Denture Repair

Like all dental appliances, dentures will need to be repaired at one point. Postponing the visit to your denturist can not only cause oral health problems, it can be more costly in the long run too.

denturist holding pair of dentures in hand with thumbs upWhat may have started as a small chip could easily develop into a bigger crack and no amount of repairs will be able to fix it. Regular repairs are typically much more affordable than a full replacement and can prolong the lifespan of your denture.

Doing small repairs yourself will likely cause bigger problems in the future, which is why it’s recommended to have a professional take care of the issue.

They’ll be able to better identify what’s wrong and can make adjustments to satisfy your needs.

Professional Denture Repair in Ottawa

From increased self-confidence to the ability to enjoy all the foods you love, dentures have many great advantages.

Whether your denture is loose, has suffered from a little wear and tear, or has chipped, our expert denturists can have your appliance fixed in no time. In the case of an emergency, we can have your dentures repaired and ready to go in 1-2 hours.

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic we combine outstanding patient care, the latest denture technologies and welcoming atmosphere to create the ultimate denture experience for you.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our denture repair services and book your complimentary consultation today.