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Our Denture Blog

Getting Used to Dentures – What You Need to Know

man with dentures smiling and happy

Dentures are incredible tools that give people brighter smiles, stronger bones, and a healthier mouth. They are, however, unnatural to the human body, and will thus require the first-time denture wearer to withstand a brief adjustment period of getting used to dentures.

Thankfully, this adjustment period is not long. Afterward, the new dentures will feel just like the original teeth – but better! We will be covering topics that are frequently asked by new wearers adjusting to dentures to minimize discomfort and the adjustment period length.

How Long Does Getting Used to Dentures Take?

man smiling and holding dentures

Getting used to new dentures is something that every first-time denture wearer will need to endure. But don’t worry! It’s not a long process and by the time you fully adjust, you will have completely forgotten about the adjustment period. 

You can expect the adjustment period to last for about a month. While it’s different for everyone, most people are able to return to their normal routine and activities after the thirty-day period. Note that the adjustment period length may differ depending on the type of dentures you receive – consult with your denturist for more information.

Remember, don’t be afraid to consult with your denturist if you have any questions or if you’re experiencing any adverse pain or discomfort during the period. Sores, excess saliva, and other reactions are normal – still, there’s no harm in checking with a professional just to be sure. 

Will New Dentures Affect Speaking and Eating?


Minor differences in speaking and eating ability are completely normal and should be expected by every prospective denture wearer. Thankfully, these differences are not absolutely inhibiting and you will likely be able to continue most activities without much interference. 

Some people may feel as if their dentures are loose, especially while eating. This is because the oral muscle and tissue need to adjust to wearing dentures and need to strengthen themselves to support the dentures. People may also experience “loose dentures” while speaking. This happens for reasons similar to eating – the mouth organs (tongue, cheeks, etc) just need to build themselves up to support the new dentures. Speaking slowly will help your dentures settle smoothly.


3 Tips For Getting Used to Dentures Quickly

Wear Your Dentures Frequently

brushing dentures lightly

Resist the urge to remove your dentures and wear them as much as possible, even while sleeping (start removing and soaking them at night as soon as they are adjusted). Wearing your dentures will let your mouth familiarize itself with the new dentures quicker and the adjustment period will thus be shorter.

Sing and Read Aloud

Singing and reading aloud to yourself is a great trick for getting used to dentures. It will train your motor skills and your mouth will teach itself over time how to speak with new dentures. Don’t be surprised if you experience excess saliva while practicing speaking – drink water frequently to combat the saliva. 

Wash and Clean Your Dentures Frequently

Your dentures will require frequent washing and cleaning just like normal teeth despite their artificial nature. New dentures should be washed multiple times a day to fight any bacteria and germs that may find their way into fresh wounds or sores. 


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