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Our Denture Blog

Oral Hygiene and Its Connection to COVID-19 Symptoms & Severity

Older woman brushing her dentures with a blue toothbrush

As we learn more about COVID-19, the global coronavirus pandemic, one of the questions that’s gaining more traction and more clarity is:

Are oral hygiene and COVID-19 symptoms and severity connected?

And, if so, to what degree?

COVID-19 and Oral Health: An Ongoing Concern

woman flossing teeth for oral healthAs a trusted Ottawa denture clinic, we’ve been keeping up with the COVID-19 situation, both in the protection of our denture clinic facilities for the benefit of our patients and staff, as well as the connections between COVID-19 and oral hygiene / oral health.

In the field of dentures and oral health care in general, we have always understood the relation between good oral health and good overall health of the body and mind. That’s why we have dedicated our practice and our careers to the betterment of our patients’ oral health.

As the COVID-19 virus became a pandemic earlier in 2020, we at the Ottawa South Denture Clinic made a two-pronged effort: Keeping our denture clinic safe and sanitized at all times; and exploring the link between COVID and oral health.

COVID-19 Health & Safety at Ottawa South Denture Clinic

man brushing teeth for oral healthOur Ottawa denture clinic was closed except for emergency services for a while during the COVID-19 lockdown, and as we reopened the denture clinic to full services under the guidelines of the Ontario Dental Association during Stage 2 of the COVID restriction easing, we continued that multi-faceted health and safety effort.

At our denture clinic, you will see added protective measures in place designed to control and prevent the spread of the virus. These measures include social distancing, enhanced hand washing and hand sanitization stations, personal protective equipment (PPE) and many other steps.

We also anticipated, based on scientific research and forecasts from leading health experts, that a “second wave” of COVID-19 would affect Ottawa and much of Canada as the year went on.

The Link Between Proper Oral Hygiene and COVID-19 Symptoms & Severity

man gets oral hygiene checkupAside from the enhanced protective measures at our Ottawa denture clinic, an important aspect of COVID-19 on which we’ve been keeping a keen eye is its link with oral hygiene.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control in the United States) has found that COVID-19 has more adverse impacts on people with chronic disease and oral health issues.

British researchers, meanwhile, have concluded from a recent study that “the oral microbial environment and COVID-19 could be linked.” Further, they noted that the “four essential risk factors” for moderate to severe COVID-19 symptoms – diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity – are also linked with poor oral hygiene.

Finally, in Germany, research has identified good oral health as an added means of protecting against infection as well as mitigating the symptoms of COVID-19 and certain complications should the virus progress in one’s system.

Encouraging You to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we encourage all of our patients – as well as our staff and the Ottawa community at large – to practice proper oral hygiene.

“An ounce of prevention” is worth… well, as yet there is no known “cure” for COVID-19, which makes prevention even more important.

Should you have any questions with regard to dentures and how these relate to good oral health, we are here at your service. Do not hesitate to reach out.