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Our Denture Blog

Reasons You Might Need Emergency Denture Services

emergency denture services

Dentures are life-long solutions for missing teeth that give wearers the opportunity to live life without being held back by the lack of natural teeth. However, dentures are not invincible objects and will require care, professional maintenance, and in some cases, emergency denture services to last a lifetime. 

While care and professional maintenance are anticipated events, emergencies are not, and they can strike at any time. Thus, it is incredibly important to know about the circumstances and reasons you might need emergency denture services so you can react appropriately if the time comes. 


Damaged Gums

emergency denture services damaged gums

Emergency denture repairs are needed when your dentures or gums change to the point that the dentures begin to damage your gums. Typically what is needed here is a Relining or Rebasing to make sure the dentures are perfectly aligned with your gums. This will prevent rubbing which in turn will mitigate any damage.

Rebasing occurs when the denture base is completely replaced to accommodate changes in your mouth or the dentures. Relining, on the other hand, occurs when the underside of the dentures is altered to reaffirm the denture’s grip on your mouth. Changes in the lining will make your dentures fit comfortably and reduce the risk of abrasion and infections on your gums.


Broken Dentures


Broken dentures can come in many different forms. Knocked-out teeth, fractured bases, and other physical damage will distort the form of the dentures and make them painful and in need of denture repairs. Dentures can also be considered broken if they are worn out from long periods of use and have not been looked after.

If your dentures break for any reason and require emergency denture services, do not attempt to repair them yourself. Attempting to do so risks infection and worsening the denture emergency. Place the damaged pair in a safe place and wear your Temporary dentures until you’re able to receive an appointment. 


How Long Do Emergency Denture Services Take?

emergency denture services time

Denture repair services from highly-reputable denture clinics, such as Ottawa South Denture Clinic, have on-site labs that let them facilitate same-day denture repairs. The benefit of this is that they will have your denture specifications on file, meaning the turnaround time is incredibly quick. 

Specifically, you can expect some denture repairs to take as little as 1-2 hours to complete. Severe damages, however, can sometimes take up to 24 hours. Whatever the case, emergency same-day denture services are designed to give you the quality of life that you deserve in as little time as possible. 

Ottawa South Denture Clinic – Top-Quality Emergency Denture Services


Dentures aren’t invincible – accidents happen. It’s important, however, to make sure to address the problems as fast as possible with emergency denture services. Emergency denture services can have your dentures repaired on the same day so that you can go back to having your perfect smile without having to wait. 

Contact Ottawa South Denture Clinic today for all your emergency denture needs. Our state-of-the-art facility and specialized denturists are available to help you with your denture needs at a moment’s notice. Not sure if you need emergency denture services? We’re happy to offer a complimentary consultation to determine the best approach to your needs.