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Denture Care: At Home Denture Cleaning Tips

denturist holding set of digital dentures

Removable full or partial dentures require proper care to make sure they last longer, fit better, and look their best. Dentures need just as much if not more attention than natural teeth to stay clean and to avoid the build up of bacteria. Our professional team of denturists highlight some at home denture care tips and tricks to keeping your dentures in tip top shape.


The Importance Of Proper Denture Care

Not only does a clean and fresh mouth boost your confidence when interacting with other people, but a proper denture care routine is also important for keeping your oral health in check. Just like with your real teeth, dentures require regular cleaning and maintenance to reduce bacteria build up that can cause bad breath and other more significant oral health issues – like denture-related stomatitis. The main reasons why a consistent and thorough denture cleaning routine is important are:


– Removing plaque and tartar build-up

– Protection from odour causing bacteria

– Reducing gum inflammation

– Cleaning stains

– Prolonging denture life

– Reducing the need for relining or rebasing


The Ottawa South Denture Clinic is here to equip you with everything you need to know about keeping your dentures clean and keeping your smile healthy.




Denture Cleaning Tips

Remove & Rinse After Eating: Following any meal, run water over your dentures to remove any food debris that may be stuck. For additional precaution, either fill your sink with water or have a towel nearby to reduce the chance of dropping or damaging your dentures


Soak Your Dentures Overnight: To retain the shape of your denture, we recommend taking out your denture are night and soaking them in water or a specific denture solution – this will also help give your gums a rest overnight.


Brush Your Gums, Mouth & Dentures: Many types of toothpaste and tooth brushes can cause damage to your dentures. When cleaning your dentures or your remaining teeth, we recommend using a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive cleaner/toothpaste that is denture specific.


Whitening Your Dentures: Avoid buying teeth whitening kits or products. Common household items like baking soda or vinegar are great alternatives for cleaning your dentures for a white and radiant smile. If there are food particles stuck, use floss to get any remaining residue.



Denture Care Habits To Avoid

There are also things to avoid doing in your denture cleaning routine. If you want your dentures to last as long as possible, fit well, and give you relatively no issues, it’s important to avoid these specific bad denture care habits:


Bleach Containing Products: Cleaning products that have bleach in them can weaken the structural integrity of your dentures.


Hot Water: Hot or boiling water can warp your dentures which can result in an improper fit or structural damage to your dentures. When rinsing or soaking, make sure to be mindful of the temperature.


Abrasive Cleaning Products: Avoid harsh toothpastes, chemical cleaners, and brushes with stiff or coarse bristles.


Sharp Objects: Items like toothpicks and scrapers can result in damage to your denture and to your gums as well.


Neglecting Your Dentures: Make sure to clean, brush, and sanitize your dentures daily to avoid build up of bacteria. If you don’t take your dentures out for long periods of time it might cause serious gum inflammation.


Have Additional Questions?

If you have any questions or need some additional guidance for cleaning your dentures, contact our clinic today. We are here to provide you with all of your denture cleaning and denture care solutions. Also, if you’re experiencing any other issues with your dentures, we will gladly take a look and provide a thorough assessment so that you can get back to smiling confidently!


Contact us today to schedule an appointment regarding your dentures at the Ottawa South Denture Clinic.