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Our Denture Blog

What Are Partial Dentures? How Do Partial Dentures Help?

3D diagram of partial lower mouth dentures.

Of the many denture-related products and services we offer here at our Ottawa denture clinic, one of the more frequently asked questions is about partial dentures.

Some have asked whether partial dentures are an “interim solution,” or whether partial dentures are a sort of stopgap “half measures.”

We’d like to clear the air about partial dentures, in this edition of the Ottawa South Denture Clinic denture blog.

What Is a Partial Denture?

For patients who have a gap in their teeth, or are missing one, two or a few teeth, partial dentures can be a very effective solution.

denture kit with partial denturesIn practical, layperson’s terms, a partial denture is similar to a replacement tooth (or replacement teeth).

Whereas a replacement tooth is implanted in the socket, however, partial dentures are removable.

If you have an image of someone taking out and/or putting in their dentures, a partial denture is like that – only it’s not for a whole set of teeth or for the whole mouth.

Instead, a partial denture is aimed at filling in (no pun intended) for a tooth, and can accommodate a few teeth on one partial denture.

Partial dentures are adhered to a plastic base, then clasp onto nearby teeth that are healthily residing in the mouth.

3d rendering of partial denturesPartial dentures come in two basic options:

  • Cast metal partial dentures
  • Acrylic partial dentures

Cast metal partial dentures are solid and can stand up to tough conditions and have gotten thinner over time.

Acrylic partial dentures are a plastic denture, basically, and aren’t often as comfortable as cast metal partial dentures.

Partial Dentures: Myths Debunked

While partial dentures refer to an isolation of a denture in one’s mouth, they are by no means a partial solution or a half measure.

On the contrary, partial dentures are a great way to address a gap in one’s teeth, as well as to remedy a missing tooth (or, say, two or three missing teeth).

Partial dentures aren’t just for seniors, either! In fact, more and more people of all ages are wearing partial dentures nowadays, as partial dentures provide a solution for gaps or missing teeth due to injuries related to sports, recreation, vehicle accidents, etc.

Partial dentures don’t have to stand out, either! Most partial dentures are very discreet, allowing you to remove and insert the partial denture with ease and with a very low profile.

Are Partial Dentures Difficult to Keep Clean?

denture patient smilingNot at all!

It is important to maintain good oral health in all aspects, including a proactive approach towards your partial dentures.

The great thing about partial dentures, as opposed to a replacement tooth, is that the partial denture can be removed, cleaned, and put back in whenever you’re ready to wear it again.

Where to Get Partial Dentures in Ottawa

At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, we have countless patients over the years with partial dentures.

We provide assessments for partial dentures, and we make most partial dentures in house.

Ottawa South Denture Clinic is also your source for repair of partial dentures in Ottawa.

To find out more and book your partial denture appointment, contact us today.