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Our Denture Blog

3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Denture Repairs

DIY denture repairs might seem like a good idea for people who use dentures and need to repair or adjust them affordably when they become worn out or damaged over time. However, this seemingly simple and affordable solution can lead to a number of severe issues.

Hence, the team at Ottawa South Denture Clinic would like you to know 3 reasons to avoid DIY denture repairs


1. Lack of Expertise

Denturist performing denture repair

Denture repairs are difficult and necessitate specialized knowledge and abilities. A qualified denturist has years of training and experience in the creation, maintenance, and alterations of dentures. They are familiar with the structure of the mouth and the special qualities of the dental materials used to make dentures.

Without the necessary knowledge and experience, attempting to fix dentures might result in a number of problems. First, it’s possible that you lack the expertise or resources necessary to determine the problem’s underlying cause. For instance, a loose or uncomfortable denture may be a sign of an underlying problem, like bone resorption, that needs to be assessed and treated by a professional.

Secondly, in order to maintain optimal fit and functionality, denture repairs necessitate precise modifications and fine-tuning. This calls for the use of specific equipment and materials, as well as an understanding of the bite, occlusion, and dental alignment. Without the necessary knowledge, you can make faulty modifications or use the wrong materials, which could further harm your dentures or cause discomfort in your mouth.


2. Use of Inappropriate Materials

DIY denture repair kits could include components that aren’t intended for oral usage. For instance, some kits might contain superglue, which is poisonous and dangerous if consumed. Other kits might contain adhesives that shouldn’t be used with dental materials and might cause oral irritations or allergic reactions.

Making a denture out of the wrong materials might also cause it to lose its structural integrity. The strength, longevity, and biocompatibility of the materials used in the production of dentures are carefully considered. You risk damaging your denture further if you attempt to repair it with materials that are not intended for the task. They might not be reliable for long-lasting fixes.

The fit and comfort of the denture might also be impacted by the use of incorrect materials. For instance, some adhesives may shrink or stretch with time, making the denture uncomfortable or loose. This may result in discomfort, painful areas, and other oral health issues.


3. Compromised Hygiene

The lack of sterile or clean ingredients in DIY denture repair kits may undermine oral hygiene and raise the risk of infection. A variety of bacteria inhabit the mouth, some of which are helpful and some of which can be harmful. A denture that is broken can provide a rich environment for bacteria to flourish.

You run the risk of exposing your mouth to dangerous bacteria if you try to fix your denture with unsterilized or dirty materials. Infections or other issues with dental health may result from this. Additionally, bacteria from the filthy materials can get into your circulation and perhaps result in systemic infections if you have any open sores or cuts in your mouth.

DIY denture repair might potentially endanger the hygiene of the actual denture. The denture may get contaminated or harbour hazardous bacteria as a result of improper repair methods or the use of the wrong materials. This could make oral health issues like tooth decay or gum disease more likely.


Ottawa South Denture Clinic – Expert Denture Repairs in Ottawa

Trained denturist modifying dentures

Although DIY denture repairs may seem like a simple, fast and affordable fix, they can lead to several issues that impact the fit, functionality, and hygiene of your dentures. It’s always better to seek the assistance of a qualified denturist to ensure a secure and efficient repair. Don’t endanger your dental health by attempting a do-it-yourself fix the next time your dentures need adjusting or repairing. Trust the professionals, and take pleasure in the comfort and confidence a set of dentures that fits well and works can bring.

Rely on Ottawa South Denture Clinic’s denturists to offer a long-lasting, secure denture repair solution. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation and let us help you regain your smile and self-confidence.