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Our Denture Blog

Denture Adjustments: When and Why You Might Need Them

man displaying his dentures

So, you’ve got dentures, and they’re doing wonders for your smile. But every now and then, you might feel like they’re not fitting as well as they used to. That’s where denture adjustments come in—a little tweak here and there to make sure those pearly whites feel just right. Knowing when to get them and why you need them, however, that’s the really tricky part.

In this blog, the team at Ottawa South Denture Clinic would like to show you when and why you might need denture adjustments.


When Do You Need Adjustments?Denture Adjustments


Initial Phase: So, you’ve just gotten brand new dentures. Exciting, right? But here’s the thing—your mouth needs to adapt. Think of it like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Your gums and jaw are getting used to this new guest in your mouth, and during this break-in period, it’s totally normal for your denturist to make a few adjustments. Your mouth is basically finding its groove with these new teeth and might need some help along the way.

Changes in Your Mouth: Here’s an interesting tidbit: your mouth isn’t a static part of your body. It’s a dynamic place, changing as time goes by. Stuff like bone resorption, weight loss, or simply the passage of time can all nudge things around slightly. These changes might sneakily alter the fit of your dentures, which means adjustments could be a necessary step on the horizon.

Discomfort or Soreness: If your dentures are causing you grief—like rubbing against your gums, creating sore spots, or just plain old discomfort—it’s a red flag waving frantically at you. Your dentures should be like your favourite cozy sweater, not a source of annoyance. If they’re giving you grief, it’s time for an adjustment.


Why Are Adjustments Important?


Comfort is Key: Think of your favourite pair of sneakers, the ones that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Well, ill-fitting dentures are like those shoes that pinch your toes—they’re just not comfy. Adjustments are the magic touch that ensures your dentures sit in your mouth without causing any sore spots or irritation. Imagine talking, eating, or even laughing comfortably without feeling like something’s amiss.

Better Functionality: Ever tried eating your favourite meal with a loose spoon? It’s frustrating, right? Dentures that fit just right are like a well-oiled machine—they let you do what you love without any hiccups. Adjustments make sure your dentures stay put when you’re biting into that juicy burger or speaking up in that important meeting. It’s about giving you the confidence to flash that winning smile without worrying about a slip-up.

Oral Health Matters: Your mouth deserves some TLC too! Poorly fitting dentures rubbing against your gums or causing irritation can cause persistent discomfort and pain. That discomfort can lead to more significant issues like sore spots or even sores, which isn’t fun for anyone. Adjustments swoop in like superheroes, preventing these problems and keeping your oral health in tip-top shape. Because let’s face it, a healthy smile is a happy smile!


Getting Adjustments: What to Expect


Clear dentures

So, you’ve decided it’s time for an adjustment. Don’t worry—it’s a straightforward process! When you arrive, your denturist will welcome you and ask how you’ve been adjusting to your dentures.

Then, your denturist will take a close look at your dentures and ask you to pop them in. They’ll carefully examine how they fit inside your mouth, checking for any spots that might be causing discomfort or not sitting quite right.

Here’s where their expertise shines. They might use a gentle touch to adjust the shape of your dentures, ensuring they align perfectly with the contours of your mouth. Sometimes, they might need to add a soft lining material to enhance the fit, making your dentures feel like they were custom-made for you all over again.

It’s typically not a lengthy process. Think of it more like a fine-tuning session. Your denturist will make little adjustments until you feel comfortable and happy with how your dentures fit.

Once everything’s done, your smile gets the green light! You’ll leave feeling much more comfortable, ready to take on the world with a smile that feels just right.


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