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Our Denture Blog

Digital Dentures, the New Age of Dentures

dentures on BLUE background

Dentures are an excellent solution for tooth loss.

While many professionals still go for traditional dentures, some denturists (such as our Ottawa South Denture Clinic) are now integrating digital denture technology into our workflow as this method provides several benefits.

The term digital in this instance refers to the technique and process involved in the fabrication of modern denture appliances.

What Are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures are a relatively new concept that has come onto the market, challenging our existing notions of what dentures are like.

The best way to explain what digital dentures are is to compare them with their traditional counterparts.

woman with dentures in ottawa

When traditional dentures are made, the denturist takes a mold of the gums and teeth of the patient, then stone models are made and wax rims are fabricated, once the bite is recorded, new models are made and the dentures are shaped into the final product. The process takes longer, as the dentures need to be adjusted to ensure that the fit is good and that there will be no rubbing or discomfort at a later stage.

Contrast the traditional denture-making process with what we are now using in digital dentures.

How are Digital Dentures Made?

Digital dentures are made using revolutionary technology, high quality materials and, of course, advanced dental software.

denturist holding set of digital dentures

Modern scanning and imaging techniques can accurately measure the dimensions of your mouth. The impressions of your teeth and gums are later digitalized using a 3D scanner. While some dental scanners capture still images, some others take videos of patients’ mouths.

Regardless of the scanning technology, denturists are able to craft try-in appliances that will be modified to perfectly fit the patient’s mouth.

The new changes are later scanned and merged into the original scan to assist in the fabrication of the new set of dentures.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Digital dentures can provide patients with substantial benefits, such as:

  • Durability: Thanks to the long-lasting acrylic material, these dentures have a longer lifespan than the traditional ones. Also, digital dentures are created from a single acrylic unit and have no bonding.
  • Predictable aesthetics: Never change the look of your dentures! Once you are happy with the look of your dentures the aesthetics are preserved in the electronic file. So, whenever there is a time to replace your dentures, there will be no changes to the looks of your dentures
  • Faster Turn-Around: As opposed to traditional dentures, for which construction can take up to a month, digital dentures can be crafted in one or two weeks.
  • digital denturesPrecise Fit: Because there is no need for conventional stone models, there is no material contraction of expansion. Digital techniques allow denturists to create an appliance with the most precise fit.
  • Take Home Try-ins: Unlike their wax counterparts, digitally made try-ins can be taken home for the client to “test drive” their new dentures before the final prosthesis is made.
  • Quick Replacements: If your dentures get lost or damaged, Due to digital file preservation, digital dentures can be recreated in very little time.
  • Time-Effective: Digital dentures require fewer visits to the denturist as well as fewer adjustments.


At Ottawa South Denture Clinic, 3D-printed dentures are now possible.

Thanks to digital dentures, our patients can get on with the more important things in life without being bothered by dental appliances.

Our goal is to help you smile confidently and to make your day-to-day life easier, more manageable and more enjoyable.

State-Of-the-Art Dentures in Ottawa

If you are considering getting durable, high-quality dentures done, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Ottawa denture clinic is conveniently located, and we are always happy to answer any inquiries you may have about digital dentures or dentistry in general.

We pride ourselves in bringing smiles to the Nation’s Capital!