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Our Denture Blog

Where to Get Digital Dentures in Ottawa

completed digital dentures

Nowadays, technology can be found in all aspects of society, and the dentistry field is no exception.

From improving outdated techniques to creating new, more efficient tools, dental professionals have been able to provide their patients with less invasive, and more dependable treatments.

Traditional dentures have been around for centuries, providing individuals with missing teeth a chance at living life with a full set of teeth. While this prosthetic offers many benefits, some people are hesitant to get dentures due to its tedious and lengthy process.

Digital dentures use a revolutionary new technology that challenges the traditional way of fabricating oral appliances. This new technology removes the need for multiple visits to the denturist, requiring only two appointments to complete your dentures. With a faster process, better fit, and more precise prosthetic, Digital dentures are the future of teeth replacement solutions.

There are only a few denture clinics across Canada offering Digital dentures to patients. Ottawa South Denture Clinic on Prince of Wales Drive introduced Digital dentures in 2021 and patients have been enjoying the benefits since.

Digital Dentures at Ottawa South Denture Clinicdenturist taking impressions for a patients mouth

As the name suggests, the entire process of fabricating Digital dentures is, of course, digital.

Our denturist takes a record of your bite using the traditional impression method. The impressions of your teeth and gums are then digitized using a 3D scanner. We’ll craft try-in appliances that will be modified to fit perfectly in your mouth. Any changes are transferred to design software which is then used to assist in the final production of the prosthetic. Once the final design is approved, the dentures are either 3D printed or milled.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Digital denture technology uses revolutionary, high-quality materials that make them more flexible, perfectly fitted, and more comfortable than traditional dentures.

Made with one acrylic unit with no bonding, the long-lasting material can withstand more pressure and daily wear and tear, increasing the prosthetics’ durability and prolonging their lifespan.

Digital dentures technology uses scanning and imaging techniques that allow denturists to create an appliance with a more precise fit. This will cut down on the number of appointments needed for adjustments as the digital scan is a near-perfect rendering of the patient’s mouth.

Traditionally, if a patient loses or breaks their dentures, they would have to go through the process of getting their impressions re-made. However, since a 3D scan of your impressions was saved in your files, a replacement can be quickly made without the need for new impressions.

The Future is Digitaldenture impression turning into a digital scan

Thanks to advanced dental technology, convenience and science have combined to create a much more individualized and comfortable tooth restoration solution.

We combine outstanding patient care, a welcoming environment, and the latest denture technologies to create the ultimate denture experience for all of our patients. Our Digital denture experts in Ottawa are here to help restore your smile and regain your confidence.

If you’re looking for Digital dentures in Ottawa, get in touch with us to book your complimentary consultation today.