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Our Denture Blog

The Benefits of Custom-Made Dentures

denture fabrication process

Dentures have been the go-to solution for tooth loss for centuries.

While many people opt for traditional dentures, which are made from an acrylic base, many people are venturing into the new territory of Digital dentures.

Custom-made dentures, such as the Digital dentures offered by Ottawa South Denture Clinic, are a piece of revolutionary technology that offer a variety of benefits.

What are Custom-Made Dentures?

Custom-made dentures, specifically Digital dentures, are modelled and created digitally. We take impressions of our patient’s mouth, and a 3D printer creates the dentures.

They depart from Traditional dentures in their creation, materials, and longevity. Typically, dentures are created by physical moulds that fit in the mouth. After, the denturists create wax and stone models based on the mould. Lastly, a final set of models are created and sculpted into the set worn by the patient.

Digital dentures erase the need for much of this process, as everything is done through digital scans and modelling instead of fighting with tough physical materials.

Despite the existence of Digital dentures, Traditional dentures may be the correct choice for some people. Not sure whether Traditional dentures are right for you? Ottawa South Denture Clinic is happy to offer a complimentary consultation with our denturists to determine the right path for you!

How Custom Digital Dentures are Made

Digital dentures are cultivated through a very specialized, high-tech process. Digital dentures are made to be as comfortable as possible. Other data, including fine details like the spacing between each tooth, is also considered in the creation process. These precise dentures offer patients a previously unattainable level of comfort.

The digital model is then sculpted from incredibly tough resin. The specialized resin won’t change in the same way traditional dentures might. For instance, the patient won’t have to worry about shifting.

After the patient tests the mould, a final set is created and they leave the office with a fresh, new smile!

How Custom-Made Dentures Benefit You

Custom-made Digital dentures benefit the patient in a wide variety of ways.

While the feel and comfort of the dentures vary from person to person, people generally find Digital dentures comfortable because of the precise denture fit. Poorly fitting dentures will cause discomfort with eating and speaking; however, this is also an issue remedied by the efficacy of Digital dentures.

Another benefit of custom-made Digital dentures is their durability. Unlike Traditional dentures, Digital dentures maintain their integrity over time. Should the patient require a new pair for any reason, their file contains a record of their custom-made dentures allowing them to be quickly reconstructed.

The final benefit offered by dentures is their low turnaround. Typical dentures may take up to a month. Custom-made Digital dentures, however, can be made in as quick as one or two weeks.

High-Quality Custom-Made Digital Dentures in Ottawa

Are you ready to put a perfect, precise smile on your face?

Ottawa South Denture Clinic is Ottawa’s #1 solutions provider for custom-made dentures. Our denture care is unmatched, and we’re equipped with the latest technology to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Whether you are seeking the strength and convenience of Digital dentures or may prefer a pair of Traditional dentures, OSDC is excited to have you as our next happy patient!

Contact us today and book your complimentary consultation to begin your journey to a perfect smile!