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Our Denture Blog

The Best Fitting Dentures

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Have you recently lost teeth and entered the market for a new set of dentures? Picking the best fitting dentures can be a difficult task for some people because of the wide variety of available options.

Everybody is different and so are their denture needs – some people might find Digital dentures are the most comfortable dentures, while others have particular needs that might only be met through Suction dentures or Implant dentures. It is important to note that any type of denture may be created digitally.

We’ll be focusing on Digital dentures, Suction dentures, and Implant dentures and discussing their pros and cons to help you decide on the right solution for your needs!

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Digital dentures are a relatively new development in denture technology and our pick for the best fitting dentures. Digital dentures differ from other dentures in their creation, use, and more.
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The unique aspect of Digital dentures is that they are modeled and created digitally using the impressions we take of your mouth your dentures are created by 3D printers. Note that Digital dentures are not a type of denture themselves – all types of dentures – suction, implants, and more – can be created digitally. Rest assured that you will be getting the best fit possible with Digital dentures!

Digital dentures are comfortable dentures because of the level of detail that CAD/CAM software is able to handle. Every tiny detail is accounted for, leaving you with a pair of dentures that fit perfectly. These hard-to-beat dentures are our pick for the best fitting denture.

Do Digital dentures sound like they may be right for you? Contact our denturists today for a complimentary consultation and high-quality denture care!

Why Suction Dentures Might Be Right for You

Designed specifically for stability and retention of the Complete Lower Dentures, Suction dentures, otherwise known as SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures), are a somewhat new technology from Japan that uses a unique adhesive-free sealing technique to keep the dentures in.

Suction dentures do not always use digital renders to make a model of your mouth. Rather, it sometimes uses a physical impression that forms the natural shape of your mouth. The detailed impression mirrors your mouth and creates an extremely tough suction effect that keeps your lower dentures firmly in place.
denturist and patient looking at dentures
Suction dentures provide the patient with a natural set of comfortable dentures that won’t cause any problems. Suction dentures are great for those who want comfortable dentures that stay in place, and can also be made with the utilization of Digital Technology.

How Implant Dentures Can Improve Your Smile

Implant dentures are a unique type of denture that offer radically different benefits from the former two, although can also be created digitally. Implant dentures are secured to your jawbone with the help of special precision attachments to provide an anchor for the dentures.

Implant dentures can be fixed (permanent) or removable, offering a variety of treatment options. A benefit of attaching the denture to a dental implant is that your jaw will receive stimulation from the dental implants that it wouldn’t from other types of dentures. This means that your bone structure is preserved and you’ll have a perfect smile for decades to come!

While the placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure, the anchors offer an incredibly firm foundation for the dentures that will leave you with a set of extraordinarily comfortable dentures.

Find Your Perfect Dentures With Ottawa South Denture Clinic

Have you decided on your perfect, best fitting dentures? Contact us today and our specialized team of denturists will assist you with a complimentary consultation. Ottawa South Denture Clinic provides Ottawa with the highest-quality denture services through a high standard of customer care and attention to detail, while keeping up with the latest technologies. Come visit us and re-discover your smile!